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107 N. Phillips St.
P.O. Box 195
Bullard, TX 75757
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Tom Roper, Broker
(903) 530-5136

Ginni McNamee, REALTOR®
(903) 570-1757

Carla Conley, REALTOR®
(903) 574-1845

Linda Roper, REALTOR®
(903) 520-3328

Sissy Bellar-Jordan, REALTOR®
(903) 721-7347

Braydon McKeethan, REALTOR®
(903) 266-0956

Angela Coats, REALTOR®
(903) 283-5127

Matthew McKeethan, REALTOR®
(903) 279-8910

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About Us


Tom Roper
Managing Broker
(903) 894-4431 Office
(903) 894-4474 Fax
(903) 530-5136 Cell

I work with all my clients in achieving their real estate goals. This includes the purchase and/or sale of single-family residences, income producing property, and commercial property within Bullard and the surrounding area. I keep current of all transactions in these areas, work closely with the City officials and keep current on the direction in which our City is moving. 


Ginni McNamee REALTOR®
(903) 894-4431 Office
(903) 894-4474 Fax
(903) 570-1757 Cell

Ginni has been an outstanding Realtor for 30 years. She has a reputation for caring about her clients and customers. Most of her business is from personal referrals, which speaks volumes for her. Ginni enjoys working with residential, commercial and farm and ranch. She is always Bullish on Texas land. Just give her a call, tell her your needs; relax and she will find it.


Carla Conley REALTOR®

(903) 894-4431 Office
(903) 894-4474 Fax
(903) 574-1845 Cell

Carla Conley’s experience in the legal field adds to her being a top Realtor who pays great attention to detail. She loves working with buyers and knows how to handle a smooth transaction. When you get ready to sell or buy, give Carla a call, and she will be there for you.  


Linda Roper REALTOR®
(903) 894-4431 Office
(903) 894-4474 Fax
(903) 520-3328 Cell

Linda comes to Xcel Properties from a Medical Professional background.  She is now a new, excited and educated Realtor. Linda is looking forward to continuing her career of helping people; therefore, when you get ready to buy or sell; remember Linda.


Braydon McKeethan REALTOR®
(903) 894-4431 Office
(903) 894-4474 Fax
(903) 266-0956 Cell

Braydon has decided his career path will be in Real Estate.  He is "learning from the best", his grandfather Tom Roper.  This is an amazing opportunity for Braydon and Xcel.  He knows Bullard and most everything about it, so give him a call to help you with your real estate needs.


Sissy Bellar-Jordan REALTOR®
(903) 894-4431 Office
(903) 894-4474 Fax
(903) 721-7347 Cell

Sissy comes to Xcel after a career in finance and title research. She is excited about meeting new clients and helping them navigate the real estate marketplace.   Call her to help find your new home or sell your current residence. With Sissy’s experience and knowledge, she will make your search a pleasure. You may reach Sissy at 903.721.7347 or sissy@x-celproperties.com


Angela Coats REALTOR®
(903) 894-4431 Office
(903) 894-4474 Fax
(903) 283-5127 Cell

Angela is a native of Bullard, and is excited to start her new career as a Realtor.  She would love to help you buy the home of your dreams or sell your current home. Angela is a dedicated professional and will make buying or selling a pleasure.



Matthew McKeethan REALTOR®
(903) 894-4431 Office
(903) 894-4474 Fax
(903) 279-8910 Cell